Monthly Update: February

by Tiger Safarov     |     Updates

03.9.2018, 6:17 PM

Dear Zen Family,

Welcome to our Monthly Update and we apologize for a short delay!
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We will try to give you the most recent updates about the system, our team, new distributors, and our dental software and highlight some of our awesome assistants and dentists. We will try to keep it short and sweet.

February was a super busy month for us. We processed a total of 1588 orders ($534,594.58). A record of 36 new offices joined the Zen Family and we visited 17 clients.


Client Spotlight:

Dr. Sonia Chopra - One of our really awesome clients. She is an endodontist in Charlotte and started her own blog teaching about endo and pretty much life. Please make sure to check her work at: and she is finally on Instagram (yet to post her first story :) @soniachopradds


New Features:

On Monday 3/12 we plan to rollout a couple of new features:

  • Custom Note for Hygiene Products (toothbrushes)  - you will be able to customize your toothbrushes with custom notes and that information will be sent to your vendors
  • Tracking Orders - One of the most anticipating updates, when you check your latest orders and see the date is green, that means you can now click on it and it will show you where your package is located.
  • Total Spent Report by Rooms and Groups - Thanks to Carrie Rivera (Burns Dentistry) you can now see total spent by rooms & groups (only for advanced users and/if advanced settings groups are activated). If you are interested in setting this up please contact our customer success team -


Organization and Efficiency:

As I travel across the country the subject of “How to organize dental supplies” is becoming more and more important. I’m writing pretty much every Wednesday on our blog ( my thoughts and tips for efficiencies. Just a quick reminder - TIP OUT BINS is a huge MUST in your office - - search Zen - select Zen27 assembly


Life and Dentistry Conference

First week of March I had a very unique opportunity to speak at the Life and Dentistry Conference in Lexington KY. A great group of students and young professionals gathered in one room for a full day of learning from some of the top thought leaders in dentistry: Dr. Mark Costes, Dr. Dave Maloley, Dr. Justin Moody, Dr. Bruce  Baird, Dr. Karah Maloley, and Dr. Tom Larkin. I was humbled to share the stage with them and share what we do at Zen and some of the stories about you guys (our Zen Family).


Patient reviews are super important for your practice and they are equally important for us. Please take a moment to write us a five-star review!

We recently started asking all of you to write a review on one of the platforms and the feedback was very humbling. Please take 3 min of your time to help us build 5 Star Reputation! BTW if you feel like 5 is too much, please email (Tiger) and he will call you (or visit you) right away.

Please select the platform of your choice:




Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

Happy Zenning,

From ZenTeam!

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