First Guest Post: 5 Ways to Use Apps to Improve Efficiency and Security in the Dental Practice

by Kerry Brooks     |     Systems Insider

10.1.2018, 9:00 AM


Modern technology has paved the way for many possibilities we couldn't dream of a decade ago. We are more connected than ever before, information more accessible, products and services within our grasps, and an overall ease in how we function in our daily lives. This is all possible with the advances in science and technology.


Technology's reach seems all-encompassing and limitless. All industry has, in one form or another, used and is influenced by technology. This doesn't exclude the dental practice industry. People might not be aware but there are numerous ways technology influences how many dental practices are run. From making appointments to securing a patient's dental record, there are many software and applications all designed to make any dental practice efficient.


  1. Setting Up Appointments

Numerous software and applications are available in the market to make it easier for patients to schedule appointments. There won't be any need to call; patients can simply use their phones or computers to schedule their dental visits according to their timeline. Even cancellation is easier through apps. They can simply log on to cancel or reschedule an appointment to a more convenient date.


  1. Patient Education

Many mobile apps and websites are a treasure throve of information that patients can peruse. Information about their diagnosis, procedures, and drugs are all available to everyone all the time. Before the advent of modern technology, people just rely on what their dentists offer in terms of information. Now, they can get any and all information through the internet and go to the clinic prepared and well-informed.


  1. Treatment Plans

Through apps and software, it's easier for dentists to create personalized treatment plans for each patient. They'll be able to address individual needs that each patient requires. Because of this, dentists' approach to patients' treatment plans is much more holistic and personal.


  1. Faster Drug Prescription

Some dental apps allow dentists to write prescriptions for patients and send it to the closest pharmacy to the patient. It's a more efficient way of prescribing drugs for emergency cases without having to visit the clinic. A good example would be when a patient is suffering from tooth pain in the middle of the night and need fast relief. The patient can simply contact their dentist and the dentist can send a prescription for pain relief medication to the nearest pharmacy and the patient can just pick it up. Several apps and software offer this service.


  1. Securing Patients’ Records

Before the advent of modern technology, the manner in which patients' records are kept is through the paper record. This means that it's hard to locate a patient's file on a drop of a hat, and files are easily lost or misplaced when the clinic moves to a new location. The continuity of care is disrupted and the patient's progress can't be monitored in great details. The digitization of records has helped the dental practice in more ways than one. Now, dentists can keep track of patients using their phones or laptops. Their recovery progress after a major procedure can be monitored properly. And above all, the security of their personal information is much more optimized and prioritized than ever before.


All these advances have allowed dentists to provide much more for the patient than they normally would. Patients, too, are able to participate actively in their care and they’re able to give insights to their dentists for them to make a much more personalized care. Technology has not only revolutionized how we interact with each other but also how the medical field has evolved into a more patient-centered approach. 

In the future article we will review 2-3 applications available on the market to address above described efficiencies.  

Author Bio:  Kerry Brooks, driven by the passion for blogging, loves to write about health care and beauty tips. She is currently working for, Idaho’s #1 leader in Sedation Dentistry providing the best service in East Idaho.  


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